We practice the ancient form of IFA

Getting back to the basics where Orunmila and good character are at the center of our daily choices and movements. Our tradition stems from Ile-Ife, NIGERIA.

Without Iwa Pele (good character) you have nothing

Iwa pele is the foundation of our tradition. In short, we are all given instructions for life. These instructions are made clear, first beginning with the hand of Ifa. During that ceremony the person will learn the reason why they came to the earth and the taboos as well as the ires (good luck).


IFA Creed

Olodumare is God Orunmila is His Prophet
Ifa is His Scripture
Ifa says:
Perform truthfulness, perform righteousness Perform kindness, avoid wickedness Perform the truth, perform righteousness Is the one that Imale supports.

Who is Imale?
Except Olodumare (God)

In Ejiogbe, Ifa says:
I behave as my God creates me.  

I do good always
I am honest, too
I do no evil
Neither do I harbor evil thoughts Les I die wretched

This is because whatever we initiate in our youth Will persist 'til old age.

These are the declarations of the oracle for Orunmila and the 401 Irunumole
When coming from heaven to the world.

Olodumare instructed them to do good always. Only Orunmila applied honesty of thought To overturn all evil machinations.